Steam Festival 2024

01/06/2024 – 02/06/2024

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Your Exhibit
  • All exhibits should be presented in a safe manner, be fully insured by the owner and covered by an adequate Public Liability insurance policy appropriate to the exhibit, having a limit of indemnity of not less than £2,000,000 in any one incident.
  • All steam exhibits are required to hold a valid current Boiler Inspection Certificate, and a Boiler Explosion Policy, having a limit of indemnity of not less than £2,000,000 for any one incident, and a Sparks & Ashes Policy for not less than £100,000. Details to be submitted on/with entry form.
  • Insurance documents must be provided to the Event Organiser in advance of the event and be available for inspection if requested by an Event Organiser or Safety Officer.
  • Fairground amusement devices must hold a valid current Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) Declaration of Operational Compliance (DOC). A copy must be submitted in advance of the event and also be available for inspection if requested by an Event Organiser or Safety Officer.
  • The use of any vehicle entered must be covered by insurance as required by the relevant Road Traffic Act, and is valid for the duration of the event including arrival and departure days.
  • Owners must ensure all drivers are fully qualified in Law to handle the class of vehicle exhibited. The driver/s of any vehicle entered hold/s a licence to drive a vehicle of the appropriate class, and is/are not disqualified from holding or obtaining such a licence.
  • Under age drivers of exhibits are prohibited while on the museum site.
  • All exhibitors are responsible for the security of their exhibits.
  • All exhibits are displayed at the sole risk of the owner. The organisers will not be responsible for any injury, damage or loss to persons or exhibits during their time at to the museum.
  • All exhibits must be on display by 11.00am and no exhibits should be taken off the site before 5.00pm on any days unless otherwise agreed.
  • No goods are to be offered for sale unless prior arrangements have been made with the event organiser. The only exception to this ruling is the sale of organ recordings (i.e CDs).
  • Vehicles must be safely parked and securely braked or chocked in position.
  • No exhibit will be left running unattended.
  • A speed limit of 5mph will apply to all vehicles on site.
  • All dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times and owners are required to clean up after them.
  • All persons must conduct themselves and their exhibit in a manner which will not inconvenience others.
  • The Organisers hold the right to rejection of any participant, entrant or exhibitors whose behaviour could or does inflict harm on the well being of others attending the event.
  • Exhibitors agree to display their exhibit during the event and comply with the instructions of event stewards.
  • In the event of any dispute, the Event Organisers, decision is final.
  • Submission of a completed entry form does not guarantee entry for the event. We will contact you following submission to advise if your entry for the event has been accepted.
  • By accepting the Terms of Entry & Conditions you are giving your consent for Hollycombe to continue communicating with you for information purposes. Hollycombe Working Steam Museum will collect, securely store and only use your details to send information such as, event details, entry passes, & details of future events. Your data will not be passed on to any third parties or used for any other purpose.