Traditional Steam Fairground

Razzle Dazzle at a Fairground at Night opening
Ride the world's first white knuckle ride
Razzle Dazzle
Golden Gallopers at Hollycombe Steam in the Country
Golden Gallopers - the classic fairground ride
Golden Gallopers
Haunted Cottage
Look out, what's that hiding in the dark...?
Haunted Cottage
Hollycombe Bioscope showing a film
Enjoy some of the earliest films in existence

Relive the excitement of the original white knuckle rides in our traditional steam-driven fairground

Ride authentic steam driven Victorian and Edwardian fairground rides including the world’s first white-knuckle ride, the ‘Razzle Dazzle’, or ‘Mr Field’s Steam Circus’, the world’s oldest mechanically operated fairground attraction.

Golden Gallopers

The classic fairground ride, our set of Gallopers is a favourite with children and adults alike

Razzle Dazzle

Regarded as the first 'white knuckle' ride, this is one of the earliest rides to use rotational and tilting motion.

Mr Field’s Steam Circus

Forerunner of the Gallopers and believed to date from the late 1870s, this is the world's oldest surviving mechanically-driven fairground ride.

Steam Yacht ‘Neptune’

Hold on while you ride this 1911 forerunner of the modern 'Pirate Ship' – somewhat smaller, but just as exhilarating!

Big Wheel

A well-known favourite which has spectacular views towards the South Downs on a clear day.

Returning for 2017

Haunted Cottage

The world's oldest haunted house is ever popular – but look out! What's that hiding in the dark…?

Steam Swings

Pull the rope to swing yourself high on our steam-powered swing boats.

Steam Chair-o-Planes

Flying at the fair with our steam-powered Chair-o-planes.


Sit back and relax in the Bioscope as you enjoy a film from our selection of some of the earliest programmes in existence.

Children’s Rides

Just for the youngsters, we have roundabouts, Chair-o-planes and Austin car rides