Fairground build up

  • 26th February 2019
Juvenile Roundabout

Hollycombe is all set to open 14th April for the first day of the season.

Since we closed on the 20th October last year its easy to assume that all our volunteers have had a nice long break enjoying a well deserved break from all they do at Hollycombe. In actual fact, the part of the year where we are closed to the public is often the most demanding work wise with lots of projects ongoing. Our volunteers have been busy relaying over 250 new sleepers in the Quarry Railway with all the associated works that go with this endeavour. Work has been going on at our Steam Farm, Beam Engine & Water Wheel and also with our Fairground Organs & Fairground Rides and much much more beyond. If this isn't enough our wonderful volunteers have already started the process of building up the fairground ready to enthral all of our lovely visitors who come to enjoy the magic of Hollycombe.