Restoring Mr Fields Steam Circus

Mr Fields Steam Circus

Help us return Mr Fields Steam Circus to the fairground at Hollycombe.

We are looking to restore the worlds oldest mechanically driven ride Mr Fields Steam Circus (dobbies) so that we can, once again, have people ride on it as they would have done over 140 years ago. 

Built in Ireland in 1870 the dobbies have entertained children (and adults!) for many decades and we would like to restore it to full working order so that we can once again hear the sounds of children enjoying this ride and we need your support. Your donations will help us pay for materials that we need to put this ride back into service for years to come and to the benefit of generations to come. The funds will go directly to the charity and will help speed the process of returning this ride into use for our visitors.

For the first eight donations of £500 we will put the first name of your choice on the horse (subject to suitability and not Horsey Mchorseface!) and give you tickets to visit when the ride is put back into service. To date we have had two horses named.